How to build an operating system of neuromorphic system?

Eric Müller, Sebastian Schmitt, Christian Mauch, Sebastian Billaudelle, Andreas Grübl, Maurice Güttler, Dan Husmann, Joscha Ilmberger, Sebastian Jeltsch, Jakob Kaiser, Johann Klähn, Mitja Kleider, Christoph Koke, José Montes, Paul Müller, Johannes Partzsch, Felix Passenberg, Hartmut Schmidt, Bernhard Vogginger, Jonas Weidner, …

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How to implement a neuromorphic vision-based measurement for robust relative localization in future space exploration missions?

Mohammed Salah, Mohammed Chehadah, Muhammed Humais, Mohammed Wahbah, Abdulla Ayyad, Rana Azzam, Lakmal Senevirante, Yahya Zweiri. A Neuromorphic Vision-Based Measurement for Robust Relative Localization in Future Space Exploration Missions. 2022, arXiv:2206.11541 [cs.CV]


“Space exploration has witnessed revolutionary changes …

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What’s the roadmap on neuromorphic devices & applications research in China?

Qing Wan, Changjin Wan, Huaqiang Wu, Yuchao Yang, Xiaohe Huang, Peng Zhou, Lin Chen, Tian-Yu Wang, Yi Li, Kanhao Xue, Yuhui He, Xiangshui Miao, Xi Li, Chenchen Xie, Houpeng Chen, Z. T. Song, Hong Wang, Yue Hao, Junyao Zhang, Jia …

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How to implement neuromorphic object localization using resistive memories and ultrasonic transducers?

Filippo Moro, Emmanuel Hardy, Bruno Fain, Thomas Dalgaty, Paul Clémençon, Alessio De Prà, Eduardo Esmanhotto, Niccolò Castellani, François Blard, François Gardien, Thomas Mesquida, François Rummens, David Esseni, Jérôme Casas, Giacomo Indiveri, Melika Payvand & Elisa Vianello. Neuromorphic object localization using

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How to implement brain-inspired sound localization with in situ training using memristor-based analogue computing?

Bin Gao, Ying Zhou, Qingtian Zhang, Shuanglin Zhang, Peng Yao, Yue Xi, Qi Liu, Meiran Zhao, Wenqiang Zhang, Zhengwu Liu, Xinyi Li, Jianshi Tang, He Qian & Huaqiang Wu . Memristor-based analogue computing for brain-inspired sound localization with in situ

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How to enable brain-inspired robots with neuromorphic chips?

Songchen Ma and Jing Pei and Weihao Zhang and Guanrui Wang and Dahu Feng and Fangwen Yu and Chenhang Song and Huanyu Qu and Cheng Ma and Mingsheng Lu and Faqiang Liu and Wenhao Zhou and Yujie Wu and Yihan …

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How to build an open-source platform for neurorobotics?

Tonin Luca, Beraldo Gloria, Tortora Stefano, Menegatti Emanuele. ROS-Neuro: An Open-Source Platform for Neurorobotics. Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 2022, 16.

“The growing interest in neurorobotics has led to a proliferation of heterogeneous neurophysiological-based applications controlling a variety of robotic …

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What are the design principles for neurorobotics?

Jeffrey L. Krichmar  and Tiffany J. Hwu. Design Principles for Neurorobotics. Front. Neurorobot., 25 May 2022 |

“In their book “How the Body Shapes the Way We Think: A New View of Intelligence,” Pfeifer and Bongard put forth …

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How to build a reference software architecture for brain-inspired computers?

Shuiguang Deng, Pan Lv, and Ouwen Jin, Schahram Dustdar, Ying Li, De Ma, Zhaohui Wu, and Gang Pan. Darwin-S: A Reference Software Architecture for Brain-Inspired Computers” in Computer, vol. 55, no. 05, pp. 51-63, 2022. doi: 10.1109/MC.2022.3144397


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What is Neurorobotics?

The conception and meaning of Neurorobotics are introduced in this chapter ( Tiffany J. Hwu and Jeffrey L. Krichmar. Neurorobotics: Neuroscience and Robots. In Cognitive Robotics, MIT Press, 2022.)

The field of neurorobotics is the subarea of Cognitive Robotics …

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