Neuromorphic Lectures

Aug 8, 2023, Ant-inspired robots – Barbara Webb (University of Edinburgh)

Mar 10, 2023, Towards training robust computer vision models for neuromorphic hardware – Gregor Lenz @ TU Delft

Jan 14, 2023, Neurorobotic Design Principles: Connecting the Brain, Body and Environment, Jeffrey L. Krichmar, UCI

Nov 23, 2022, New Tools for a New Era in Neuromorphic Computing, Mike Davies, Intel

Nov 23, 2022, The Strategic Alliance between Neuroscience and Robotics, Silvia Tolu, Technical University of Denmark

Sep 30, 2022, How Do Robots Learn? And Keep Learning While Living Among Us?, Yulia Sandamirskaya

August 16, 2022, Roadmap on Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering, Giacomo Indiveri, Regina Dittmann, Sabina Spiga, Stephen Furber, Emre Neftci, Chiara Bartolozzi

May 26, 2022, Realizing the Promise of Neuromorphic Computing, Prof. Bruno Olshausen (UC Berkeley)

May 12, 2022, Edge AI with Neuromorphic Spiking Sensors, Prof. Shih-Chii Liu(UZH & ETH)

April 19, 2022, Spring 2022 INRC Workshop  (Loihi for Robotics)

Jan 15, 2022, Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering: Past, Present, and Future, Prof. Giacomo Indiveri

Dec 16, 2021, Neuromorphic Computing: From Theory to Applications, Dr. Yulia Sandamirskaya

Aug 11, 2021, Neuromorphic Computing and Artificial Intelligent Systems, Dr. Yulia Sandamirskaya

Jul 29, 2021, Neuromorphic computing in Artificial Intelligent Systems, Dr. Yulia Sandamirskaya

Jun 19, 2021, Neuromorphic computing hardware and event based vision: a perfect match?, Dr. Yulia Sandamirskaya

Jun 10, 2021, Bio-inspired neuromorphic circuits architectures, Prof. Giacomo Indiveri

Apr 15, 2021, Neuromorphic Algorithms and Hardware for Real-Time Real-World Robots, Prof. Conradt Jörg

Mar 20, 2021, Neurorobotics: Connecting the Brain, Body and Environment, Prof. Jeff Krichmar

Mar 16, 2021, Lessons from Loihi for the Future of Neuromorphic Computing, Dr. Mike Davies

Nov 8, 2020, Neurorobots and Neuroethology for Explainable AI , Prof. Jeff Krichmar

Apr 24, 2017, Future Developments in Neurorobotic Technology, Prof. Alois Knoll

Apr 16, 2020, Neurorobotics: Robot bodies for artificial brains or brain models for robots?, Prof. Egidio Falotico

Apr 1, 2020, The History of Brain-Based Devices and Cognitive Robots , Prof. Jeff Krichmar