Category: Neuromorphic Sensing

How to build a neuromorphic visual odometry for robotic tasks with strict low-latency, -memory, and -energy requirements?

Alpha Renner, Lazar Supic, Andreea Danielescu, Giacomo Indiveri, E. Paxon Frady, Friedrich T. Sommer, Yulia Sandamirskaya. Neuromorphic Visual Odometry with Resonator Networks. arXiv:2209.02000 [cs.RO], 2022. 


“Autonomous agents require self-localization to navigate in unknown environments. They can use Visual …

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How to implement neuromorphic object localization using resistive memories and ultrasonic transducers?

Filippo Moro, Emmanuel Hardy, Bruno Fain, Thomas Dalgaty, Paul Clémençon, Alessio De Prà, Eduardo Esmanhotto, Niccolò Castellani, François Blard, François Gardien, Thomas Mesquida, François Rummens, David Esseni, Jérôme Casas, Giacomo Indiveri, Melika Payvand & Elisa Vianello. Neuromorphic object localization using

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