Category: Neuromorphic System

How to build a neuromorphic visual odometry for robotic tasks with strict low-latency, -memory, and -energy requirements?

Alpha Renner, Lazar Supic, Andreea Danielescu, Giacomo Indiveri, E. Paxon Frady, Friedrich T. Sommer, Yulia Sandamirskaya. Neuromorphic Visual Odometry with Resonator Networks. arXiv:2209.02000 [cs.RO], 2022. 


“Autonomous agents require self-localization to navigate in unknown environments. They can use Visual …

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How to build an operating system of neuromorphic system?

Eric Müller, Sebastian Schmitt, Christian Mauch, Sebastian Billaudelle, Andreas Grübl, Maurice Güttler, Dan Husmann, Joscha Ilmberger, Sebastian Jeltsch, Jakob Kaiser, Johann Klähn, Mitja Kleider, Christoph Koke, José Montes, Paul Müller, Johannes Partzsch, Felix Passenberg, Hartmut Schmidt, Bernhard Vogginger, Jonas Weidner, …

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